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DAily Rituals: HOW TO USE

Daily rituals, discussions and thoughts

Adaptogens : How to Use?

Smart herbs which sense what the body requires in the moment, and reduce the cellular stress response. As a result, balance occurs, energy is restored, and mood is stabilized. In the long run- promotes overall longevity and vitality of the body and mind.

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I am a big proponent of maintaining balance in the body, and that the cognitive function is enhanced as a result of establishing inner balance using Adaptogens and gentle herbs (which lead to longevity of our cells), rather than disrupting the balance and taxing the adrenals, as with caffeine and chemicals (which all lead to adverse effects in the long run).

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This Flu Season

A flu is simply the body detoxing from something , the immune system is a component in clearing those toxins out of the system/organs/blood etc.Our body can do one function at a time, effectively. After eating, digesting food is a big task, it’s best to sit for  a bit and allow that to happen.

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Ritual Vs. Routine

‍I imagine the opposite of discipline would be chaos. As exciting as chaos may sound I'm sure you would agree that even the slightest of consistency in your life can help produce better results. However, sometimes when you get to stuck in a routine you can feel a bit lost in it and almost like each day is the same.

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Next Level (II) - Acceptance

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The Next Level - Introduction

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