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The Next Level - Introduction

The Next Level - Introduction

What is beyond the body?

Why are we on this planet? For what purpose?  

Is the physical body, all there is?

Is health a one dimensional approach, or multi faceted, multi dimensional pursuit?

What if the body’s purpose is to direct ones attention to a deeper layer within themselves, which when tended to, is in and of itself the fulfillment of the purpose on this planet?...To experience various emotions and states and being, process them, and evolve into higher vibrating states of being, i.e becoming more in touch with limitlessness.

If the goal is to embody the emotion of love, acceptance, and compassion, what do I need to let go of, resolve, complete, forgive etc in my life, myself and with others, which will get me closer to being more in that state on a daily basis?

Some questions to ponder, as we get deeper into this section of this website….  

More to come….