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Find out how you can improve your quality of life with herbs & medicinal mushrooms. Find out how you can improve your quality of life with herbs & medicinal mushrooms.

Nature provides

Find out how you can improve your quality of life with herbs & medicinal mushrooms. Find out how you can improve your quality of life with herbs & medicinal mushrooms.

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My purpose is to support people on their path to health and self discovery

Nissim Malul
Founder of Native Mystic

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Discover the power
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Daily Rituals

How to make nature
a part of your life

Next Level (II) - Acceptance

Hericium erinaceus is an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group.

The Next Level - Introduction

Hericium erinaceus is an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group.

Ingredient Guide

Discover the power
of ingredients

Daily Rituals

How to make nature
a part of your life

Next Level (II) - Acceptance

Hericium erinaceus is an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group.

The Next Level - Introduction

Hericium erinaceus is an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group.

Ingredient Guide

Discover the power
of ingredients

Daily Rituals

How to make nature
a part of your life

Next Level (II) - Acceptance

Hericium erinaceus is an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group.

The Next Level - Introduction

Hericium erinaceus is an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group.


Intuitively hand-crafted formulas

Community Testimonials

Experience with our formulas

I have been using Native Mystic's volcanic minerals daily for nearly a year. A few drops in water first thing in the morning hydrates and envigorates me like nothing I have used before. I consistently use them throughout the day for their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. I also love the subtle earthy taste the drops bring to my water. There is always a bottle in my refrigerator and handbag. 
I am also devoted to Native Mystic's Sacred C formula. Since using them daily, I've felt an increase in strength and stamina, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The frankincense in this blend also feels like a cashmere blanket for my nervous system.  
Thank you for bringing these special formulas to the world! 

Hillary Metz, Sedona 

The Bee: 
This mixture of honey and herbs is awesome. I love the taste of it and i really feel nourished after having one spoon of it. 


The Three Treasures: 
I like taking this supplement because when I feel unbalanced, the 3 Treasures helps me get back into balance. It helps with balancing my energy especially when i am stressed out. I buy from this brand because it is super high quality with no hidden junk ingredients. It also protects my immunity and it promotes longevity. 
Can't wait to check out the more of Native Mystic's line of healing herbal products. Also they are quite nourishing and that is important when taking a supplement.

loyal customer

I have been using Blue Lotus every night in a warm tea I drink before bed and I must say that EVERY NIGHT! I have wild and vivid dreams processing things that I am unable to in the waking state or that my subconscious prefers to address while I am resting. I was introduced to Blue Lotus essential oil extract years ago during my Theta Healing courses and remember that it has these super powers to awaken ancestral lineage, as well as, tap into past lives and bring forward gifts and talents to use in the current lifetime. 
I suspect that you have not only seen to it that the blend is balanced but also blessed and quantum vibrations have been infused... or .. The Blue Lotus flower power is having its way with me and it's exactly what I needed to reunite with what I learned about the magic of Blue Lotus years ago. Either way, I am grateful and I wanted you to know.
Thank you Nissim

amy michelle

Hey man just wanted to share testimonial. Took blood work this last August. I just got it done a week ago and my results have improved. I’d assume it’s the new holistic medicine routine. My testosterone levels went up about 200 points
The doctor said I must eat super healthy. She said she has never seen a perfect lipid panel in blood work levels (measuring cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL cholesterol levels)
So my test levels were lower in August. Now I just ran a full blood panel test a week ago. Everything is good! Test levels increased about 200 points thanks to nature I’m assuming!! And I’m someone that suffers with a pituitary disorder since I was 15. So it’s great I can keep the levels optimized naturally and keep improve my body overall
Recent results. My levels have improved since August until now. Been using Ayurvedic along with three treasures and auro gold

andrew knopp

Oh my I just went through all the products and I LOVE THEM ALL so freaking much😍😍the new salves and caps look so incredible! I love how you work so perfectly in harmony with nature even all organic😍This alchemy you are doing I am just stoked! As soon as I manifest more money I have to go shopping in your store for myself! I hope one day when I built up my whole social media I can collaborate with you and show your products to many many other people and help them! Never saw any other company that does combines mother nature’s wisdom and alchemy like you do! And I am a lot into superfoods:)Your products helped me so much and I love them every single day! Natures Ancient Alchemy so amazing and pure how you are doing it is what the world really needs! We need to spread awareness on holistic superfoods and alchemy like yours! It can help/heal/relief so many!!!!!


Sacred C and Infinity 8.
Amazing stuff, my dry cough of 2 months cleared up after taking this for a few days 🙏🏼

Mayra Malacon

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have enjoyed the acquisition of your all natural and herbal toothpastes. I just bought another two. The frankincense and coconut oil ones. They both are wonderful because you feel at ease with the quality and Nature imbued into these powerful gifts. I have been slowly awakening as of a couple years ago. I am still trying to find my path. Possibly, Master Healer is where I am aiming through plant-based diets and herbal medicines. I wanted to let you know I appreciate your divine entity. Thank you so much!

William Mocka

The Bee is the sweetest and healthiest treat you can give yourself! I love how such a small amount provides instant relief to any discomfort in my throat. It’s so rich and the blend of flavors deliver such a deep sense of healing. Great value for so much medicinal herbs. Very happy customer here!I started with the Three Treasures capsules and recently bought the powder form. This formula really effective in enhancing focus and clarity especially when coupled with the Lion’s Mane Plus. I have been a full time worker and full time student for the last 2 years and these two have been a part of my morning routine. I feel energetic and sharp during the day. I am still getting used to the bitterness of the powder so I layer it with the Sacred-C since it has a sweet tangy flavor which makes it a more pleasurable experience.SacredC:I absolutely love the taste as it reminds me of a fruity vitamin from my childhood. Learning that it contained Agarikon Mushroom. I take Sacred -C twice a day and highly recommend this product!

Lesley D

I increased my intake of minerals and have been taking the sacred c for 3 days now 2 times daily and I didn't realize it but I was playing guitar today! I haven't been able to play for months because my right hand would go numb in about 30 seconds. And I cut out the oj and increased water intake. Thanks for the products seriously! And all of the advice you share.

John Woolsey

Hey just wanted to tell you I'm really enjoying the powders, feeling focused yet calm and high energy. Good job I'm loving em

Milena Ovseevich

Love it love it love it. Makes us normal. Whatever that isI forgot to take it for like 4 or 5 days and I started losing sleep and getting anxiety and feeling really off and I was like what is going on and then I realized I forgot it and took it in mediately and it actually took me about two days to catch my balance again but I can't not have it it is definitely making me feel more balanced than normal especially with all the planetary World crap going on it's able to help me keep my eyes on you know I mean you knowI'm taking one in the morning and 1 in the evening now

Allison Zuber

This is by far the best toothpaste i have ever had! Visibly noticeable change after just three days of use. My teeth appear whiter and my gums feel healthier!

justin d.

This toothpaste changed the game for me, I saw results quickly 🙌🏽 this is my second time buying, love it.I’m putting good nutrients in my body every day and I feel good, then feel the difference when I’m out. Love this product, second time buying!

lisandra g.

They’re working out great! I’ve been taking them every day now and feeling really good 💛My adrenals thank you 🤣🥰


Good so far I'm taking them sparingly so they will last. I'm really enjoying the mushroom formula for my immune systemMuch better as of late, auro has made a big difference for me energetically and I was running low when my dropper broke, had to stock up. I've been giving my boyfriend who is diabetic the mushroom formula and I feel it's made a difference in keeping him well during the flu season.

brianna lee

Also, your supplements have done wonders for my hair, I didn't notice it right away, but now I can feel it lacking.Your products taste really good. The bee taste like a broth flavor to me - which I love. And the powder one taste like chocolate. Great flavor and I took the bee this morning, and I don't know if it's too soon, but I feel great. I love stuff that make me feel like my vibration got raised up.Thank you again and again and again 🙏🙏🙏Also, I gave some of your products to someone I know who was going through weird things with her body. Like one side of her body would get swollen. Mainly the feet. It was weird. And one of your products I gave help in like under an hour. It was amazing.Thank you for the information. I will give and gift them to try. All they are trying to do is avoid surgery. I gave her most of the products I had from you (just not the energy or relaxing ones) even auro. I don't know which one she took first that worked so well. But we literally saw her feet start to unswell in probably 15 to 30 minutes. It was so amazing and she was so happy I could not put it into words. She was going through some scary health issues at the time. She seems better now.

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Your questions answered

Are your capsules and powders made in a GMP facility?

Yes, with lot number and expiration date.

What makes Native Mystic different than other supplement companies?
  • Sourcing: we source herbs and ingredients (400+) form their native lands, preferably from small- scale operations where the passion for the craft is still there. Also we preferwild-crafted than any other option, preserving the heirloom status of the plant as much as possible.
  • High quality ingredients- we pay 10-100x more than common brands
  • No fillers, no preservatives, no fixatives, no starches, no corn
  • We charge our products with solfeggio frequencies, orgone and pyramid energies- for enhancement.
  • We formulate using intuition and tuning into the plant energy, tapping into it’s innate wisdom for guidance on how to create each formula
  • We make most of our liquid and resin oil extracts in house from scratch, using traditional methods, and Spagyrics.
  • We produce in small batches with attention to detail
  • We work only with retailers who are aligned with our mission and passion.
  • Our formulator prioritizes providing education, workshops, and spreading knowledge and actual tools for self care and self-development
Are your products suitable for all ages?

Since we are not medical doctors, we cannot answer that. We do make it a point to provide pure ingredients, which from our experience have been well accepted by most age groups, including during breastfeeding.

Are your products vegan?

In the most part. We do use in some formulas, deer antler, black ant as TCM herbs. And honey in our The Beeformula. We do not use dairy, gluten, and processed sugars of sort.

GMO Free.

What water do you use for your tinctures?

Pure Mt. Shasta spring water, purified with Auro Liquid Gold volcanic minerals

Daoist herbs- where do you source them?

They come from Di Dao region in China, where they are grown according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What alcohol do you use for your tinctures?

Pure Non GMO cane alcohol.

Are your products organic certified?

Our ingredients are either organic certified or wild crafted, and some are biodynamic. We have chosen to not certify our formulas with the USDA organic seal, as we don’t believe in funding such programs, nor do we believe in that sort of hype for marketing purposes.Having that seal in most cases, does not mean a more superior product, nor does it point at meticulous sourcing of ingredients.

Wild-Crafted and heirloom herbs are way higher on the chain of purity and originality than boasting with organic certification(which is also given to herbs not grown in their native soil, and still grown commercially).

Mushrooms- Do you use fruiting body or mycelium?

We use mostly fruiting body alas our Agarikon which we also use it’s mycelium.

Our mushrooms have a verified 20-50% beta glucan content, which is the active medicinal component.

Capsules- are they vegan?


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