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Next Level (II) - Acceptance

Next Level (II) - Acceptance

Can I accept that I’m here on this planet to evolve and learn?

Can I accept that I came here to work and be an active participant  in my own journey?

Can I accept that my body is a mere reflection of what is going inside of me, and what I need to explore and resolve within me?

I can go through life denying the reason I’m here, or I can accept it and participate in the lessons that arise daily.

Yin and Yang. Two sides to each coin. Day and Night.  

Dichotomies and opposite sides of the whole picture.

To deny one side is like denying that the moon is seen at night and the sun in the daytime.

To experience the whole I must experience both sides of a larger picture.

Its not possible to be always happy, there are moments and days and periods of sadness and also depression. To avoid the lows means also there is a constant  state of denial, which also means that we are tipping the balance, which eventually will want to restore itself and as a swinging pendulum, will swing back at us (unexpectedly) to deal with what we where avoiding.  

It’s physics.  

“Know thyself”- Temet Nosce in Latin.

Which self? And why?

This is at the basis of it all.  

If I am willing to and can establish that:

  • I’m here to go through experiences and learn about myself (know thyself)
  • To do that I need to accept the lessons which arise
  • And be willing to shift my ways, be flexible, ebb and flow, and do the work it takes to come to resolution and transformation
  • Avoiding this will inevitably bring pains, as my body and life will be nagging at me to do the deeper work, and ‘know thyself’.