Daily Rituals

Ritual Vs. Routine

Ritual vs. Routine

I imagine the opposite of discipline would be chaos. As exciting as chaos may sound I'm sure you would agree that even the slightest of consistency in your life can help produce better results. However, sometimes when you get to stuck in a routine you can feel a bit lost in it and almost like each day is the same.

We suggest turning your "routine" into "ritual".

For example: when you wake up in the morning and drink your coffee doesn't it taste better and also feel better to take time to possibly froth your milk into your favorite mug, add the perfect amount of sweetener with your morning spoon, and then drink that coffee outside while going over your affirmations.

The point is that by just changing the way you view the details of your routine and making them feel more important and also having a different mental outlook for those details can take something that may feel monotonous and turn it into something fun.

Why can't taking care of your immunity feel the same?

There are 2 ways to take our 4 powder formulas. Some simply take them as a vegan capsule and swallow it with water. Others prefer the more natural form of powder directly onto the tongue. We know that the taste buds increase the potency of herbs by making your body more perceptive to what its about to take in. Also the subconscious effect of tasting the bitterness and earthiness of the herbs keeps your body more in tune with the consumption of those herbs.