Daily Rituals

This Flu Season

From my experience, when having a flu, the most important element is- to rest.

A flu is simply the body detoxing from something , the immune system is a component in clearing those toxins out of the system/organs/blood etc.

Our body can do one function at a time, effectively. After eating, digesting food is a big task, it’s best to sit for  a bit and allow that to happen.

When we sleep, we don’t run or dance.

When we are sick, we are requiring all the energy to cleanse the body.  Hence also, normally we are not hungry- since the body is telling us it does NOT want to digest now, it needs it’s resources for cleansing.

To support my body to do all this, should I choose herbs and natural remedies, I have found that it’s best to take some formula ever 1-2 hours. Herbs are more gentle and work with the natural rhythm of the body.

Really there is no quick fix to anything in life. A mango tree doesn’t grow fruit overnight.

IF I choose to take any medicine or chemicals to “cure” a flu, I’m simply telling my body- I don’t trust you, and I am therefor going to interfere with your innate intelligence, and attempt to feel better, by shutting down the exact mechanisms used to heal the body- the symptoms themselves.

Yes chemicals can stop symptoms, and alleviate discomfort, and yet that discomfort is in and of itself the body healing itself.

Herbs help us go through it, not to avoid it.

I take:

The Duo

Sacred C

BioElectric- lots of water all day

The Bee

When supporting the body to go THROUGH the flu, and taking gentle herbs, the magic is realized in the recovery- I notice that I am actually someone else on the other side of it, as if I was supposed to experience the pain, the discomfort and the entire process in order to let go of emotional stuff as well.  

Life is a process of becoming, never a means to an end, or a “cure all”, “fix all”, “lets get it no matter what the cost is to my health”.  

That is a sure way to create chronic conditions later in life.

Daoist monks where said to live until their over 100-200 years old. They practice longevity in their daily routines, meditations, diet, and herbs they use.

At the end of the day, everything is a choice and I cannot escape the consequences and price of my choices.