Ultraviolet Capsules | Clairvoyance, Spaciousness, Euphoric, Floaty, Awareness*


A blend of wildcrafted Thai, Chinese, and Ayurvedic Herbal extracts in a tincture.

May help with:*

~ Moment enhancement
~ Spaciousness
~ Euphoric
~ Strength
~ Awareness




Ingredients:  Wild Crafted Butterfly Flower^, Blue Lotus^, Space Lotus^, Kanna^, Valerian*, Ormus.

  • *Organic. ^Wild Crafted
  • Pullulan Vegan Capsule.

I use 1-2 caps per day, an earlier part of the day.


Before you buy, please read this:

The variety of cognitive enhancement blends in this section (focus, energy, calming, etc) work on each individual in a different manner.
Some may experience a specific blend strongly, while some may not feel that blend at all. Levels of sensitivity and individual brain -chemistry are different from person to person. [Read more]


Native Mystic staff members are not medical professionals and do not distribute or infer medical advice and information. The FDA has not approved any of the statements or products made by Native Mystic. Native Mystic products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure and/or prevent disease. While your results can and will vary, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medication or have a medical condition, you should consult your physician before taking this product. Age advisory 18 and up.​If you don’t like anything you have purchased, please let us know! We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any concerns with taking herbal products, please consult with your physician prior to taking any of our formulas.



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5 caps, 10 caps, 25 caps (in miron glass jar), 30 caps (in miron jar)


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