Mushrooms & Adaptogens | Two Formula Special

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Our Master Mushroom Blend of 21 Medicinal Mushrooms with Shilajit, and Ormus
+ Daily Tonic- 25 Adaptogens from Ayurvedic, and Western Traditions.




Master Mushroom Blend: Reishi*, Chaga*, Cordyceps*, Lion’s Mane*, Shitake*, Maitake*, Poria Cocos*, Boletus*, Turkey Tail*, Oyster Mushroom*, Zhu Ling*, Umbellate Pore Fungus*, Rhizome Chuanxiong*, Black Fungus*, Agaricus Brasiliensis (Blazei)*, Ink Cap/Coprinus Comatus*, Phellinus Linteus*, Tremella Fuciformis*, Agaricus Bisporus*, Tinder Mushroom*, Shilajit, Moringa*, Licorice*, Astragalus*, Lotus^, Flax*, Ormus.

Daily Tonic Organic/Wild-crafted: Seabuckthorn fruit*, Rehmannia*, Rhodiola*, Turmeric*, Eucommia*, Ho Shou Wu*, Schisandra*, Tribulus*, Astragalus*, Angelica*, Goji*, Ashwaganda*, Noni*, Gotu Kola*, Pilose Root*, Ginseng*, Gingko*, Suma*, Acai*, Mangosteen*, Damiana*, Valerian*, Holy Basil*, Butterfly flower^, Jiaogulan*, Pine Pollen*, Moringa*, Jiaogulan*, Cat’s Claw*, Muira Puama*, Yuan Zhi, Morinda*, Ormus, Guduchi, Lavender*, Peperine.

  • *Organic. ^Wild Crafted

I use 1-2 caps per day.


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