Sessions & Workshops

The spiritual journey of Nissim has spanned a lifetime, from his early years studying Reiki and meditation to his four-year sojourn in the Far East, where he developed methods and techniques to honor and expand man’s body, soul, heart, and mind. Studying at the commune center of legendary Indian mystic and healer Osho, Nissim acquired profound knowledge of the human psyche and the body-mind connection, refining his skills in massage, Zen meditation, yoga therapy, mud-therapy, sun-therapy, breathing and release techniques, naturopathy, and deep intuition. In Los Angeles, Nissim expanded his formidable gifts as an intuitive and hypnotherapist, attending HMI, the first nationally accredited American school for hypnotherapy, studying hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and TimeLineTherapy. Today, Nissim serves Southern California with his vast reservoir of spiritual knowledge, practice, and wisdom, offering a holistic treatment for his clients.

Nissim Malul


  • NLP Practioner, Woodland Hills, CA
  • Taoist Herbalism, Rehmannia Dean, Shaman Shack, CA
  • Hypnotherapy at HMI, Tarzana, CA
  • Landmark Education: Forum, Advanced Course, SELP, CAP, ILP, San Jose/SF, CA
  • Shanti Prakash Center in Ulhas Naghar, India- Naturopathy
  •  Osho center in Pune, India- Meditations and breathing techniques
  •  ITM, Chiang Mai, Thailand- Traditional Thai Massage
  • Reiki Master Level: Israel, India, and Thailand
  • Studied under Zen Master Nissim Amon in Israel and India
  • Biotechnology, ORT Braude College

Private Sessions

  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • TimeLine Therapy
  • EFT
  • Meditation.


Group workshops

Meditation and your Subconscious mind;
Advanced Subconscious Release Techniques.
Health, Nutrition, Minerals & Soil Depletion.