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Our Story

Native Mystic was born with the a passion to purity, authenticity, and a revival of ancient wisdom, knowledge, natural science, and laws of nature. All formulas are created with the highest intention in mind and contain knowledge of 25 years of studying the alternative healing arts in various locations around the world. From herbalism, to meditation and energy work, subconscious work, naturopathy, Chinese 💮 and Ayurvedic 🕉 medicine, and tons of self-development.

Native Mystic


We use the finest ingredients which are hand picked for their: purity, integrity, potency, and effectiveness. Its not only the ingredient that matters, its who is behind it, who is growing it and the quality and essence of their intention and energy, which are most important.formulas are a result of a deep listening, respect, and honor to the plant world, and are received vs. taken credit for. We believe that by listening and tuning into plants and the elements, the answers are delivered in the best way possible, bypassing the ego and the conscious mind.


To provide simple and effective, practical, concentrated, potent, quality products that provide daily nutritional support, and specific viable solutions, for a fast paced world and it’s degraded food supply.


We use Miron Glass Bio-photonic glass which allows only UVA and InfraRed Rays to enter which preserves the bioavailability of the contents. We pride ourselves with choices that focus on quality vs costs alone. We also offer recycled paper refills for our (vegan Pullulan) capsules, and use 100% re-usable cotton packaging when needed.